Overdraft "Easy Loan"
Our Offer

It is a loan that does not bind you with a repayment schedule.

When you want to have extra funds, you can take advantage of Easy Loan:

  • quick approval;
  • at any time;
  • without being bound by a repayment schedule.

You can use Easy Loan, if you are a Fibank client with a debit card and you receive your monthly income on this card.

This loan entitles you to use additional funds of up to 10 times the monthly earnings on your account. The amount of the loan, as well as the interest rate due shall be repaid on ongoing basis from all funds incoming to the account, and you can use the repaid portion again within the agreed term.

You receive:

  • security - you have additional funds that you can use, if you need them;
  • loan interest rate optimization - you pay interest only on the amount of the loan used;
  • flexibility - the amount used can be repaid in installments determined by you

Loan Parameters:

Term1 year with possibility for automatic renewal
Interest Rate

The annual interest rate is from 9%, based on the min. SBIR* + margin.

The annual interest rate is determined according to the individual credit rating of each borrower based on SBIR* + margin.

*SBIR - Savings Based Interest Rate, refer to Interest Bulletin of Fibank AD.

APR9.90% calculated for a loan amount of BGN 2 500, with repayment term of 12 months with automatic renewal, at an annual floating interest rate of 9%. The total amount due from the Borrower shall be BGN 2629.81 (two thousand six hyndred twenty nine and 81) Bulgarian lev. APR and the total amount due are calculated in accordance with the requirements of the Consumer Loan Act and with the following additional assumption - the overdraft is fully utilized for the entire duration of the contract, the interest rate on the loan is as stated above. When changing any of the parameters that served as the basis for the APR calculation, whatever the reason may be, the same shall also change.
AmountUp to 10 times the monthly income on the account but not more than BGN 25 000.
Absorption methodAs an overdraft
Application feeNo fee
Grant FeeNo fee
Management feeNo fee

You can conctact our credit specilists through the loan applicatin form to get acquainted with the details of the loan you are looking for.

Application Procedure

If you would like to apply :

  • You should work under a labour contract for an indefinite term or for at least one year’s term and you should not be in a period of probation. Apart from labour contracts, management and control contract are also eligible,as well as  contracts for regular military service for state officers, as well as income from retirement received on an account with the bank;
  • The minimum monthly salary should be 240 BGN;
  • Your overall credit exposure (including the overdraft loan) should not exceed 50 000 BGN and does not include loans secured with a pledge on blocked cash funds, warrants and mortgage loans granted by Fibank AD and/or other banks.

If you meet the above requirements and would like to apply for an Overdraft on a Debit Card Account you have to:

  1. Visit a Fibank branch which is convenient for you and complete an “Overdraft on Current (Card) Account Application Form”
  2. Fill in a “Power of Attorney” (Fibank blank), through which you give your consent for Fibank AD to receive information on your behalf from personal data administrators;
  3. If you work under a management and control contract, you should present the original contract and leave a copy of it at the Bank;


General Terms and Conditions of First Investment Bank AD for Providing to Individuals of a Bank Credit-Overdraft on A Current (Card) Account

For a new overdraft application or anex of a current Easy Loan:

  • Overdraft application form (Fibank’s template) in accordance with the effective procedures in the Bank;
  • Declaration for economic connection with other persons (Fibank’s template);
  • Copy of the identity card;
  • Certificate from the Ministry of Defence or the Ministry of Internal Affairs (for the employees working in these ministries);
  • Copy of the management contract (for the employees working under such contract);
  • Other documents requested by the Bank.

For renegotiation (annexure) of an existing overdraft loan:

  • An overdraft application form with updated information.