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Cooperation between the International Finance Corporation and Fibank
As part of the annual Corporate Governance Group network meeting of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) held in Washington, DC on June 17-19, 2015, the Deputy Chair of the Supervisory Board of Fibank Ms. Maya Georgieva presented an overview of Fibank and participated in a panel discussion on the implementation of good corporate governance practices in the financial institution...


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Currency Rates

as at 10.12.2019 17:55

Ask Rate 1.958500
Bid Rate 1.949000
BNB Fixing 1.955830
Ask Rate 1.790400
Bid Rate 1.740500
BNB Fixing 1.765670
Ask Rate 2.369800
Bid Rate 2.281100
BNB Fixing 2.326350
Ask Rate 1.823700
Bid Rate 1.755200
BNB Fixing 1.790730

Buyback List

Gold and Silver

as at 10.12.2019 17:55

1 g BGN 77.00
1 oz BGN 2394.97
1 g BGN 0.79
1 oz BGN 24.57

Prices are valid as at 10.12.2019 11:00 and are subject to change.

Fibank has provided Developers’ Portal

Fibank (First Investment Bank AD) in its capacity of account servicing payment service provider and in execution of the European and national legislation requirements has provided “API Developers’ Portal”, accessible from 14.03.2019 on:

The Portal provides opportunity for Third Party Providers (TPP – Account information service providers, Payment initiation service providers and Payment service providers issuing card-based payment instruments) to register, develop and test their technical solutions and applications, as well as for their developers to receive the necessary documentation and maintenance.

The Developers’ Portal is another step in execution of the long-term policy of Fibank to encourage the innovations among the consumers and fintech companies while keeping high security level of the provided services.

Dear Customers,

Please be reminded that First Investment Bank does not send its customers electronic messages (e-mails) asking them to submit personal data over the internet. Please do not provide any personal data, or any information relating to your internet banking access, your bank accounts, or cards. The passwords for access are confidential and always known only to you. Such information is not needed by the Bank, and the Bank will never request it from you.

In case you receive emails of the above kind, please do not answer them but get in touch with a representative of the bank at:
*bank (*2265)

0800 11 011 (only accessible from landlines)
+359 2 818 0007 (when calling from abroad)

The Team of First Investment Bank AD