• Debit Mastercard

    Free of charge maintenance fee

    0.30 BGN Withdrawal Fee from Fibank ATM

    Free of charge Card Issuance

    Free of charge POS payments in Bulgaria and abroad

Our Offer

Debit Mastercard - Worldwide Access

About the Debit Mastercard

Debit Mastercard is a new bank card that allows you to use your own money in situations that would normally require credit card payments, such as online shopping, paying for plane tickets, booking rooms at hotels, paying for rent-a-cars and other similar transactions.

Debit Mastercard allows you:

  • To withdraw money free of charge from any ATM anywhere in the country;
  • To make POS payments free of charge at commercial outlets in Bulgaria;
  • To shop online*;
  • To make PayPass (contactless) payments;
  • To take part in Fibank's YES Loyalty Program;

You can also:

  • Make bank transactions that normally require debit cards such as receiving and making payments, withdrawing money at bank branches, etc.;
  • Monitor the transactions to and from your bank account by signing into the My Fibank electronic system for online account statements and services;
  • Request overdraft of up to 5 times the monthly average credited to your account;
  • Have the Debit Mastercard issued as primary or secondary card.

* To improve your security when shopping online, we recommend that you register your Fibank card for the 3D Card Security service. It works by requiring a 3D password known only to you to be entered along with the standard data used in online payments such as the number and expiration date of your card, the name of the user and the CVV (CVC) Code. It is a simple yet effective measure against misuse.

Why should I use Debit Mastercard?

  • It is convenient. Debit Mastercard allows you avoid running up your credit by using it to make payments in situations that normally would require credit cards;
  • It is widely accepted. You can use your Debit Mastercard in any outlet to make standard or contactless payments, you can use it to shop online, and you can make ATM cash withdrawals with it;
  • It is secure. You determine how much money you keep in your card account. When shopping online, you can use an additional 3D password for improved payment security;
  • It is economically efficient - It allows you to make payments that would normally require a credit card, yet you pay no interest;
  • You can earn bonus points and get discounts at outlets participating in our YES Loyalty Program;
  • It is quick and easy to have it issued. You are not applying for a credit card limit that takes time to approve. All you need to do is to apply for a Debit Mastercard.

The conditions we offer:

Account Currency Supported BGN, EUR. USD. CHF, GBP
Card Account Maintenance FeeIn accordance with the Bank's Tariff 
Card Maintenance FeeIn accordance with the Bank's Tariff 
Term of Validity5 years
Card Account Interest RateIn accordance with the Fibank's Interest Rate Bulletin 
Minimum Card BalanceNone 
АТМ Withdrawal Fee:In accordance with the Fibank`s Tariff
POS Payment Fee:
  • in Bulgaria: None
  • Abroad: None

Card Types:

  • Primary cards are issued to the natural person who is the holder of the bank account. An account holder can be any person of legal age who is either a Bulgarian citizen or a foreign national holding a permanent residence certificate.
  • Secondary cards can be issued to the holder's relatives or family members. This is done for the holder's account and request. It is the Holder's right and responsibility to set the conditions applicable to the secondary cards and to monitor the transactions performed with them and their effect on his account. Secondary card holders can be Bulgarian citizens or foreign nationals with permanent residence certificates who are of legal age or, in case of children, are over the age of 14.


You can apply for Debit Mastercard debit card in one of the following manners:

  • Visit a Fibank branch and fill in debit card issuance application. The only requirement is to present your identification document;
  • Call *bank (*2265), to make request for debit card issuance.

After your application is processed you will receive your debit card within 5 workdays at the bank branch you have chosen.

Renewal of Debit Mastercard debit card:

The term of validity of the card is 5 years.

On the face of your card, you can see an embossed numerical indication showing its term of validity, using the following format: VALID 04/20 THRU

The first two digits indicate the month, and third and fourth digit indicate the year. Thus in the above example the card is valid until the end of April 2020.

After its term of validity has expired, it can be automatically renewed and available by the 20th day of the month of expiry of the old card at the bank branch where the Issuance Application was submitted.

If your card gets stolen or lost, if you forget your PIN or if any other reason necessitates the card reissuance, you will have to visit a Fibank branch and present an identity document. Fibank`s official will offer cooperation in resolving any matter on which you might need any assistance.