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Fibank Token is a new generation signature and identification tool that allows customers to manage their funds even more easily, securely and conveniently. It replaces and over builds the current means of signing and identification in electronic banking - Hardware Token and Electronic Signature.
Key features: The software token allows the execution of all kinds of translations and active banking operations, according to the level of access the user has. Fibank Token is equivalent in functionality to the electronic signature (QES) and the Hardware token (Token), but a much more convenient, practical, and modern way for doing distance banking.


  • Carrying any other means of signing is not required. Fibank Token is installed on mobile devices - smartphones and tablets;
  • Each transaction for which a signing code is generated is displayed on the Fibank Token application screen. This ensures that the user knows exactly what they confirm before signing the transaction;
  • Two-factor authentication that is well known by the hardware token - To verify the transactions, it is necessary to enter a combination of PINt-code for a software token known only to the user and a one-time digital code generated by Fibank Token.
  • Additional protection - Fibank Token is unlocked after entering an application unlock password or biometric data (fingerprint or face scan, depending on the mobile device).
  • When signing through the web version, in order to generate a code for signing the specific active transaction, you need a QR Code scan.

With the Fibank Token application you can: 

  • confirm all types of transfers in My Fibank;
  • sign a request to open or close bank accounts and deposits;
  • sign a request for a card limit change;
  • sign a request for a new device registration in the mobile application;
  • sign documents for credit products under certain conditions;
  • sign declarations;
  • confirm changes to your login and signing policy;
  • confirm your login into the system - through the website and the mobile application.


The application can be downloaded and installed free of charge from Google Play and the AppStore by searching under the name Fibank Token.
Minimum requirements for installing Fibank Token:

  • Fibank Token mobile application runs under the minimum operating system Android 4.4 KitKat and iOS 8.0;
  • Camera;

No internet connection is required to work with Fibank Token.


After downloading the application, you need to register and activate your Fibank Token.

You can request your Fibank Token in one of the following ways:

  • through My Fibank mobile application from an authorized device - Fibank Token menu;
  • from My Fibank electronic banking - Settings menu - Fibank Token;
  • at a Fibank office that is convenient for you to visit.



Dear clients, 
In connection with the use of Token Devices in My Fibank electronic banking of First Investment Bank AD we offer the following information to your attention:

What is Fibank Token? 
The Software Token is a signature and identification tool that guarantees high security and mobility to My Fibank electronic banking clients,. It is based on two-factor authentication and binds to a specific operation to meet the highest standards of the Payment Services Directive (PSD 2).

What is the Fibank Token application used for? 
Fibank Token is used to work with My Fibank electronic banking, including through the mobile application. It can be used to login to the system in conjunction with a user name and/or for signing documents under active banking.

Why you should choose Token to work in My Fibank? 
Fibank Token is a convenient, easy and modern way to manage your funds! Its dual degree of protection, guaranteed by the combination between PINt (personal identification number) of the software token known only to its owner and a one-time password (TAN) generated by the Fibank Token using a sophisticated algorithm which used together with the user name increase the level of security! The device is used easily and intuitively. To work with it, no additional settings and software installation are required!

In how many and what registrations in Fibank's electronic banking can I register my Fibank Token? 
Fibank Token can be used in any registration for My Fibank electronic banking that you have access to as a holder and/or an authorized user with the appropriate rights. 
What services can I use when doing active banking with Fibank Token? 
By using a registered Fibank Token in My Fibank, you can make all active banking transactions offered by electronic banking (ordering transfers, opening and closing bank accounts, deposits, etc.)

Can I also use Fibank Token in My Fibank mobile application? 
Yes, you can. By registering Fibank Token in the single My Fibank platform, you can use the active services of electronic banking through a web browser or via the mobile application for which no additional registration is required.

When will I get the PINt for Fibank Token and can I change it? 
You will receive an automatically generated PINt immediately after the registration of Fibank Token in My Fibank electronic banking at a mobile phone or email address provided by you. We recommend that you change this PINt code as soon as possible and delete the message sent to you. The change is made from your My Fibank account in the Settings menu - "Change Fibank Token PINt".

What is a one-time (TAN) password generated by Fibank Token? 
The one-time password consists of 6 (six) digits and is generated by a special algorithm from the Fibank Token application. It works only in combination with the Fibank Token PINt from which it was generated. The combination of the PINt code and the one-time password can only be used in the registration of the client in which the Fibank Token is registered. One-time passwords generated by Fibank Token are bundled with a specific transaction and can not be used for another one - Unblocking Code, Login Code, and One-time Password generated by scanning a QR Code.

What are the advantages of using software Token compared to the old signing tools - QES and hardware Token?
Fibank Token does not require additional device transfer. It is installed as a mobile application on the user's mobile phone. It does not require an Internet connection, there is no one-time password limit, no special browser setup, and can be requested, registered and activated without visiting a Bank office.

How can I get a software Token and at what price?
Fibank Token application is available for free download in the software stores - Google Play and the AppStore. Registration and activation of the application are free of charge. There is no maintenance fee.

On what device can I activate the software Token?
Fibank Token can be installed and used on any mobile device running an operating system no older than Android 4.4 KitKat or iOS 8.0. You need to allow the camera to be used.

What do I need to do when activating the software Token? 
The Fibank Token application can be activated in 3 ways: 
- Bank office - Our employees will assist and guide you throughout the process. 
- My Fibank - You can submit a remote request for Fibank Token from the Settings - Fibank Token menu. This menu is available to users with active banking and an existing means of signing. 
- My Fibank Mobile Application - You need to follow the steps in Fibank Token from the navigation menu. The menu is available to users with a registered mobile device to access My Fibank mobile application.

How is Fibank Token used? 
Fibank Token is used to authenticate transactions through My Fibank active electronic banking, including through the mobile application. 
In order to authenticate a certain transaction through the site, it is necessary to scan the QR code displayed on the screen from which a one-time password is generated. 
Upon confirmation in My Fibank mobile application, the system guides you through the entire process and requires only PINt code to be entered.

If I install a software Token then can I go back to my previous signature tool? 
Fibank Token replaces your current signature tool, but that does not mean you can not go back to your previous signature tool. The change can be made in a Fibank office convenient for you.

Is the software Token sufficiently secure?
Fibank Token is a highly secure application thanks to two-factor signing of active transactions, QR Code scanning, and protection against unauthorized access with additional password or biometric data.

Does the software Token work anywhere in the world, what are the requirements for browsers and should it connect to a computer? 
Fibank Token works from anywhere in the world. You only need to access My Fibank electronic banking or mobile application. There is no requirement for the browser you are using, as well as additional installation or setup.

I've forgotten my PINt for the Token device. What should I do? 
Please visit Fibank office that is convenient for you and you will be issued a new PINt code. You will have to pay a fee according to the bank's Tariff, which as of May 2018 is BGN 10.00.

Can the software Token be blocked? 
Fibank Token can be blocked after a customer alert on the 24/7 phone line 0700 12 777 or following more than 5 (five) unsuccessful attempts for making authorizations with the tool.

Can the software Token be unblocked?
Fibank Token can be unblocked from both Fibank Token Unblocking in the Settings menu of your account and at Fibank's office convenient for you after completing the respective request form.

Is there a danger that a third party will abuse the software Token if I lose my phone or it has been stolen? 
The Fibank Token application has a built-in locking function - a 6-digit password or biometric data. The application itself does not give out which client is using it and, if necessary, it can always be remotely blocked after a warning phone call on the 24-hour telephone line 0700 12 777.

What should I do in a cese of a stolen or lost mobile phone with an active Fibank Token on it? 
You need to contact an operator of E-banking Directorate at 0700 12 777; 02 / 9 100 199; 02/ 9 100 164, which operate 24/7 or to visit an office of the Bank to block your Fibank Token. Subsequent activation takes place only at a bank office after completing the necessary documents.
If you have any other questions, we are available 24 hours a day.

Fibank wishes you a nice banking!