"Super Loan" Consumer Loan

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"Super Loan" Promotional Consumer Loan


"Super Loan" consumer loan offers:

  • high amount of lending - from BGN 15,000 to BGN 50,000 or the equivalent amount in Euro;
  • repayment term – up to 7 years;
  • no guarantor;
  • only against submitting an identity card*;
  • payment in equal monthly installments;
  • no early repayment fee;
  • facilitated application procedures and fast response;
  • possibility to conclude FiHealth Peace of Mind insurance to secure the loan.

* Other documents may be required depending on your individual credit rating.

The following additional discounts are included in the proposal for "Super loan" consumer loan:

  • 1% when transferring your declared income to a bank account with the Bank;
  • 0.25% when using a credit card issued by the Bank with SMS notification package included;
  • 0.20% when using FiHealth Peace of Mind insurance;
  • 0.10% when using a bank package with web banking.

The Fibank consumer loan is a convenient way to get the funds you need to:

  • Repair your home;
  • Purchase a motor vehicle;
  • Purchase household appliances;
  • Pay for education and tuition fees;
  • Go on trip and holiday;
  • Pay utility payments;
  • Pay for family events;
  • or simply because you need money for unexpected payments.

Loan Parameters

Loan Parameters&

AmountFrom BGN 15 000 to BGN 50 000 or the equivalent amount in EUR
Repayment TermUp to 7 years
Minimum declared net monthly incomeBGN 1 000
Collateral:No fee is paid
Early repayment fee:No fee is paid
Interest rate conditions

 4.44% ** variable annual interest rate formed on the basis of SBIR + margin (with cumulative additional discounts), for the entire loan term

APR (Annual percentage rate of costs):6.45%, calculated at the amount of the loan being BGN 15,000; repayment term: 84 months, at a variable interest rate of 4.44% for the repayment term and the following included: commission on the loan assessment and approval – amounting BGN 75, costs for an annual fee of the credit card: BGN 39, a package program with a monthly fee of BGN 3.50, and an annual insurance premium under the “Peace of mind with FiHealth” insurance amounting 5.05‰. The monthly installment for the specified parameters and a fully utilized loan is BGN 208.55. The total due amount of payback is BGN 18,525.27.

** A variable annual interest rate, formed on the basis of MTIR (mid-term interest rate according to the National Bank statistics) + surcharge, including discounts for salary transfer – 1%, when using a credit card with text (SMS) notifications – 0.25%, “Peace of mind with FiHealth” insurance – 0.20% and E-Banking Package – 0.10%.
MTIR (mid-term interest rate) is a reference interest rate based on savings, calculated for each particular type of currency according to a methodology announced by the Bank. The interest surcharge is calculated according to the individual credit rating of each borrower. In individual cases, the specific financing terms set by the bank may differ from the values indicated above, or additional discounts may be applied different from the specified parameters.