Current Account

Our Offer

The current account with the First Investment Bank provides you with a range of options to conduct banking operations and enables you to receive up-to-date and timely information on the balance and movement on your account.

You can conduct the following operations:

  • opening an account in a currency of your choice - BGN, EUR, USD, CHF or GBP, with no requirement for a minimum deposit or a minimum balance as a condition for the maintenance or the accrual of interest on the account;
  • carrying out banking operations with the account funds from all branches of the Bank;
  • making cash and cashless payments, receiving and ordering transfers in BGN and in foreign currencies;
  • getting an international debit card of your choice issued;
  • receiving up-to-date information via the service SMStatus or email notification;
  • paying your utility and household bills via the electronic banking system My Fibank.
  • using the Virtual Branch of the Bank;
  • receiving account statements, containing up-to-date information on the balance and movement on your account, at any office of the bank that you specify;
  • applying for an "Easy Loan" amounting up to 10 times the monthly receipts on your account;
  • optimising your costs for banking products and services, by enlisting your account into the Fibank banking packages.

Additional information:

  • the applicable charges and commission fees are subject to the Fibank Tariff;
  • The BDIF (the Bank Deposit Insurance Fund) guarantees the full payment of all amounts belonging to a single person, deposited in a bank, irrespective of their number and value, up to BGN 196 000, where this maximum amount includes any interest accrued until the date on which an act under Article 20, Paragraph 1 of the BDIA (the Bank Deposit Insurance Act) is issued. The funds on the current account are guaranteed by the BDIF, established and operating in the Republic of Bulgaria, pursuant to the procedures, up to the amount envisaged, and under the terms and conditions of the BDIA.

Account Opening and Documents