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New opportunity for mobile payments by using Apple Pay

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You want to do your payments quickly, conveniently and easily?

Fibank offers a new opportunity for mobile payments by using Apple Pay. Any Mastercard® debit or credit card issued by Fibank can be digitized on a compatible Apple device and used for contactless transactions.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is another convenient way to shop in stores, mobile applications and on the Internet.

What is the benefit of making payments with Apple Pay?

  • You use your iPhone or Apple Watch to pay at POS devices at retail outlets and this is as fast as if you pay by a debit or credit card. 
  • Secure payment method - your digital card number is never stored on your device or on Apple servers, and when you pay, Apple never shares card numbers with retailers. 
  • Everything you need is in Wallet - each bank card you digitize is stored in the Apple Wallet along with your boarding cards, concert tickets, events. 

How to use Apple Pay?

You can digitize each Mastercard® issued by the bank by using Apple Wallet or by accessing My Fibank mobile application from a registered mobile device. 
You can use Apple Pay everywhere you see the following symbols:

How to digitize your card

Digitalization by using Apple Wallet

  1. Open Apple Wallet. 
  2. Follow the steps in the application to add a new card. Each MasterCard card issued by Fibank can be added to the Apple Wallet by selecting the "Add card" function. 
  3. Enter the card details manually or use the "card photo" option. Confirm your consent to the General Terms and Conditions of the service. 
  4. Select "Next" and you will receive a one-time password by SMS. 
  5. Enter the received code by SMS and wait for the card to be added. If you do not receive code by SMS within 10 minutes, use the "call Fibank" option.

Digitalization by My Fibank:

  1. Access My Fibank application from your registered mobile device 
  2. Open the "Cards" menu.
  3. Add the desired card to the Apple Wallet and follow the instructions of the application. 

Once the process is successfully completed, your card will be visible in your Apple device's digital wallet. You can now use Apple Pay. 
By using your Apple Wallet you can dynamically manage all your cards registered in the wallet, deactivate them or check the details of your payments.