Additional credit cards

Allow to your relatives to benefit from the advantages offered by Fibank credit card

Our Offer

As a holder of Fibank Visa or MasterCard credit card you may issue additional credit cards to your relatives or close friends over 18 years to your already existing card account at Fibank. With the additional credit cards you shall guarantee the opportunity to shop freely at different places at the same time by using one limit – that of your main credit card.

Why issue additional credit card to persons selected by you?

  • Lower costs – the additional credit cards have lower annual maintenance fee compared to the main credit card;
  • You control and manage more effectively your personal finance;
  • Convenience – by granting access to the already authorized credit limit to persons chosen by you, you and your friends benefit from additional funds and may use one credit limit for payments effected at different locations;
  • Optimization of payments – you pay only one general minimum repayment installment for all cards issued at the account instead of for each card separately;
  • Easy and convenient track of all costs -  you receive one general statement for all cards – the main and the additional ones;
  • Safety – you are always informed about the payments made with the additional credit card by subscribing for sending card authorizations via e-mail through the information service My Fibank.
  • Full value means of payment – the additional credit cards benefit from all the advantages as the main credit card such as Fibank Bonus Program for revolving credit cards, participation in promotions, etc.

Parameters of additional credit cards:

Type of the additional credit cardVisa or МasterCard credit card of your choice, Mastercard Yes PayPass exluded
Number of additional credit cards to the main cardNo limitation
Account currency

The same currency as the main card account

Interest rate terms The same as the main card
Grace periodThe same as the main card
Credit limitAll additional credit cards use one general credit limit – the credit limit of the main credit card. You may impose limitation on the additional credit card by changing the withdraw and payment limits
Term of validity5 years with a possibility of automatic renewal
Issuance feefree of charge
Annual maintenance feeAccording to the Fibank’s Tariff
Application Procedure

Fibank issues FREE OF CHARGE additional Mastercard and Visa with chip credit cards.

You may apply for additional credit card issuance by visiting one of the Fibank’s branches and fill in on the spot "Additional Credit Card with Chip Issuance Application”.

Important!  The additional credit card shall be received at the Fibank’s branch chosen in advance personally by the person in whose name it is issued.

If the additional credit card is stolen, lost or any other reason requires its reissuance, it is necessary the card account holder to visit the bank’s branch and to fill in the necessary documents.

Bank officers shall assist for solving any problem.