WeltSparen Deposit Account



First Investment Bank offers deposit accounts to business clients opened via the WeltSparen Internet Platform.

  • Currency: EUR;
  • Minimum account balance: EUR 2,000;
  • Maximum account balance: EUR 5,000,000;
  • Interest rates – on an annual basis, in accordance with this table:
Deposit Product Term Currency Interest Rate Quick Link
FIB013 Without fixed term EUR
Fibank's deposits on
FIB018 12 months EUR 0.55% Fibank's deposits on
FIB019 24 months EUR 0.65% Fibank's deposits on

The following products suspended as of 21.06.2019:

  • FIB007 - 12-months deposit in EUR;
  • FIB008 - 24-months deposit in EUR.


Additional information:

  • The account holder must be registered in the WeltSparen Internet Platform;
  • All balances held with First Investment Bank including on the WeltSparen deposit account are guaranteed under the Bulgarian Law on Bank Deposit Guarantee for the total amount up to BGN 196,000 (EUR 100,000) per client.
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