Visa Cash back

Visa Cash back is a service where you can download up to BGN 50 in cash, while paying purchases with your debit or credit Visa card. Thus you gain the convenience to withdraw small amounts in cash without the need to use the ATM.

With Visa Cash back you earn more:

  • Save time by combining the two operations - payment and drawing;
  • More places where to withdraw cash - not only ATM but also commercial outlets that offer this service;
  • Convenience.

Who can use the service Visa Cash back?

All holders of credit cards Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Business Gold, Visa Platinum and debit cards Visa Electron and V PAY of First Investment Bank.

Where to use the service Visa Cash back?

In commercial outlets where this sign is seen

How to use the service?

Using Visa Cash back service is easy and convenient. When you pay for your purchases with Visa card, you must tell cashier you'd like to get cash, then specify the amount you want and as a last step – to approve the transaction by introducing a PIN or signature.

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