Token device

The Token device is compact and easy to use and is the means, by which you get access to and identify yourself in My Fibank and Virtual banking Fibank Cyprus Branch.

What is a Token ?

The Token device is an electronic device that generates one-time passwords. It is the means, by which you get access to and identify yourself in My Fibank or Virtual banking Fibank Cyprus Branch. The Token device is really easy to use and you do not have to install it on your computer. With it you don’t need to purchase, install and setup a Digital certificate or Qualified Electronic Signature in order to perform active banking operations.

For clients registered for "Virtual banking Fibank Cyprus Branch" the Token device is the only means of identification and access to the Virtual banking service.

Distance banking Token by Fibank

How does Token device work?

The Token device is really easy to use, it is compact and mobile.

You do not need to install any software or to connect the device to your computer in order to use it. Thus, it is fully compatible with any browser and you can use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera to log in to Fibank’s Virtual bank branch.

The Token device can serve you as a means of identification for Fibank’s Telephone banking service. In this case you need to enter the password generated by the device via your phone.

What is the advantage of Token device?

  • Mobility - with your Token device you can make transactions from any computer with an internet connection, anywhere in the world;
  • Double level of protection - As a login information you have to enter your username and the combination of the device’s PIN code and the one-time password, generated through a complex algorithm.

What should I do in order to do banking through Token device?

  • visit the most convenient for you branch of Fibank; 
  • complete all necessary documents; 
  • pay the Token device; 
  • an employee of the Bank shall register your Token device in your profile so that you can use remote banking services of Fibank. 

The price of the Token device offered by Fibank is according to Bank’s Tariff.

The price of the Token device for customer of Virtual Banking Cyprus Branch ia according to Tafiff Cyprus Branch.

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