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Student loans

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Student loan under the Student and PhD Students Loans Act

The student loan is intended to finance students and PhD students for the whole or part of the education period.

Fibank provides the following types of loans with government financial support for the whole or part of the education period according to the curriculum:

  • Loan for the payment of the tuition fees of a student or PhD student;
  • Support loan.

The borrower may apply for one or for both of the loans.

Loan Parameters:

maximum amount
  • loan for the payment of education fees - determined on the basis of the fees due for the remaining period of education of the borrower, according to the curriculum of the respective specialty and the degree of education;
  • support loan - determined on the basis of the sum of the semesters for the remaining period of education of the borrower, according to the curriculum of the relevant specialty and the educational-qualification or educational and scientific degree. The semester fee is equal to the minimum wage at the moment of use of the loan, multiplied by the number of months during the respective semester.
repayment term
up to 120 months after the expiration of the grace period
grace period From the signing of the loan agreement until the expiry of one year from the first date of the last state exam or thesis presentation according to the curriculum, respectively from the date when the doctorate's term expires. During the grace period, the Bank accrues interest on the utilized portion of the principal, which is capitalized annually. During the allowed grace period, you do not pay the due interest and the principal on the loan.
collateral without collateral
annual interest rate
  • loan for the payment of tuition fees - in parts by transfers to a bank account of the higher school or scientific organization in an amount equal to the tuition fee due for the respective semester;
  • support loan - in parts to the account held in the name of the Borrower at the Bank.
method of payment equal monthly (annuity) instalments, after the expiration of the grace period according to a repayment schedule prepared on the last day of the grace period.
fee for application review and examination of documents

not due

granting fee

not due

management fee not due
early repayment fee

not due

commitment fee not due

For a student loan, in addition to the law on student and PhD student loans, you may apply for additional collateral - a third party guarantee, which guarantees the payment of your loan with its income. More information...

When applying for a loan the student/PhD student should have:

  • Bulgarian citizenship, citizenship of another Member State of the European Union, another state of the European Economic Area (Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway) or the Swiss Confederation;
  • not reached the age of 35;
  • Bachelor's degree (bachelor's degree or professional bachelor's degree) or master's degree or a PhD degree in a state or private higher education institution or a scientific organization established and functioning under Art. 47 (1) of the Law on Higher Education (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Agricultural Academy, National Centres for Public Health and Other Scientific Organizations);
  • not acquired the same educational-qualification or educational and scientific degree;
  • not been suspended and have not terminated his/her training except in the following cases: interruption due to sickness, maternity within the meaning of the Social Security Code or for study in another higher school or scientific organization;
  • no other loan commitments that have not been serviced for more than 6 months.

In case that you meet these requirements and want to apply for Fibank loan, you need to:

  • In a selected branch of Fibank, fill in the "Loan Application" and attach to it the documents specified in the form or further requested by the loan expert;