Procedure for Submission and Consideration of Customer’s Complaints


First Investment bank AD, to assist its customers and with their help, aims at maintaining and developing a bank service with high professional standards consistent with the individual needs and concerns of every single customer.

The quality of the services we offer is our basic priority. If for any reason you remain unsatisfied do not hesitate to contact us. In order to be useful to you in such cases we ask you to submit a complaint in writing to the Bank observing the following:

Who can submit a complaint?

We will answer all the complaints of our customers. We advise you, if possible, firstly to approach our Bank officers at the office where you were served. The issue may be an operative one to be solved on site.
Complaints from non-customers are considered when being received from their servicing Bank. For example: An Authorized User of a card issued by another Payment Service Provider, who has a complaint about an operation on ATM of Fibank, should submit his complaint through his service Bank- issuer of the card.
Clients operating through other Payment Service Providers under which Fibank is an agent (as Western Union, for example) have to reach them and the applicable procedures for submission and consideration of customer's complaints/claims will be the ones of the Provider.

Where you can submit a complaint?

1. At every office of Fibank;

2. Via e-mail at e-mail address:

The complaint will be immediately directed for consideration after it has been received by Fibank and if it is sent at a non-working time for the Bank it will be dealt with on the next working day.
What should the complaint contain?

Your complaint should contain:

  • Your name and EGN/PNF; If you are a representative of a company please indicate the name and UIC/BULSTAT of the company as well;
  • Your permanent address / address for correspondence, phone number, e-mail;
  • Description of the reason for the complaint.

Important: Fibank will not consider anonymous complaints.

In order to be useful to you to the highest degree your complaint has to be clearly formulated and written in Bulgarian. You shall attach to it all available documents supporting your comments.
For your convenience we have drawn up template forms which we advice you to use.

How will we proceed with your complaint?

  • We will immediately direct it for consideration by the competent employees;
  • We will objectively consider your complaint, taking into account all the facts and circumstances;
  • If needed we will contact you for additional data and documents;
  • We will prepare a legislatively grounded and objective position on your complaint within a reasonable time. For complaints related to payment services this will be up to 15 working days after the complaint (along with all supporting documents) has been received. For complaints related to a consumer loan contract it will be up to 30 days after it has been received. If, for objective reasons we cannot keep within this term, we will notify you in due time;
  • If your request lies beyond our competence we will inform you, if possible, of the steps you should take;
  • If your complaint is well-grounded we will undertake the necessary steps; we shall refund you the amount which you claim relating to a disputed transaction and we will also take the necessary steps for the prevention of such cases in the future.

What if our response does not satisfy you?

  • If your complaint is within the scope of the Law on payment services and payment systems you have the right to refer the case for consideration by the Payment Disputes Conciliation Committee to the Commission for Consumer Protection; 
  • If your complaint is related to a consumer loan contract you can approach Payment Disputes Conciliation Committee for dispute resolutions about financial services including providing a distance financial services connected with granting of consumer or mortgage loans to Commission for Consumer Protection by submitting a complaint at:

1000 Sofia, 4A, Slaveykov Sq.,
tel.: +35929330565, e-mail:;
or at the addresses of the respective regional centers.

  • for agreements concluded online, use the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform at:

Our aim is for Fibank to be your preferred partner when using bank products and services. Your contentment is our main goal. The procedure described above, which has been adopted by the Managing Board of the Bank, is the surest possible way (consistent with the legislative requirements) by which your complaint may reach us and receive the necessary consideration.


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