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Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) in My Fibank

Dear clients,

Please be advised that with effect from 01 August 2018 the registration of QES in My Fibank electronic banking will be terminated.

Clients of electronic banking who already have QES registered in My Fibank will be able to continue to use it until its expiration date with limited functionality for transfers to already registered recipients or to confirm a request for issuance of Software Token (Fibank Token).

New functional operations in My Fibank system

The individual clients now have the opportunity to:

  • perform transfers between own bank accounts in Fibank, where the confirmation of the transactions is made only by password without requiring QES or Token device. 

What is My Fibank?

My Fibank electronic banking is a service that provides you with the opportunity to manage remotely your personal or business finances in a convenient and easy manner. By using the single platform My Fibank you can perform banking transactions directly from your computer, smartphone or other mobile device with an internet connection with a high level of security.

By using My Fibank you have the opportunity to:

  • execute all kinds of transfers with up to 50% lower fees than the standard fees and commissions of the Bank;
  • pay utility bills and taxes to Sofia Municipality from your registration as an individual;
  • execute transfers from a file and periodic transfers;
  • open and close current bank accounts and deposits in national and foreign currency;
  • negotiate preferential exchange rate and currency purchase;
  • follow balances and movements on current accounts and deposits in real time;
  • receive information about card payments before they are being accounted in the system (card authorizations);
  • monitor your monthly credit card statements online;
  • receive credit card statements and statements on current accounts by email;
  • register for the service "3D Card security";
  • export the data from your statements in different formats - еxcel, pdf or html in order to process data easily;
  • legal entities may execute mass transfers.

We offer you the following conditions:

  • registration and maintenance of the service free of charge;
  • access to the system only with username and password *;
  • payment of utility bills and taxes to Sofia Municipality only by password and free of charge;
  • on-line statements and monitoring the accounts - free of charge.
* To ensure a high level of protection of information we recommend that you use more complex passwords for access.

With Mobile Appliction My Fibank your bank is everywhere with you - safely and comfortably.


Using this application you can quick and easy check the balances on your accounts, to make transfers in real time, to receive updated information about your credit and debit cards. And if you are looking for a branch or an ATM of Fibank, the application directs you to the closest and most convenient one for you. All this is accomplished with a modern smart design to be easy and convenient for you.



Key features of the application:

  • The users (individuals) with phones running Android OP version not less than 4.4. may apply online through the application for digitalizing of current debit (including Teen cards) or credit cards for contactless payments with NFC, without need for issuing of a new additional card. The Digitalized cards are cloud based service using NFC (Near Field Communications), for contactless from a new generation.
  • Minors from 14 to 18 years old owners of Teen card can take advantage of the application to make transfers between own accounts (Current account and Smart Teen account).
  • Biometric data - Fingerprint and Face ID (only for iOS) used for access and confirmation.
  • Payment of obligations for utility services for individual users.
  • Ability to make transfers in the country and abroad with just one click. The smart payment system leads you from the beginning of the transaction to its successful completion. To make banking more quickly and easily, you have the possibility to use templates to your payments. With just one click you can copy and to order transfers.
  • You get a full and detailed statement on your accounts - check the balance, the amounts of the received and ordered transfers, the opening dates, etc. We made sure that all statements to be presented visually with comfortable graphics.
  • You are always informed about your deposits - with the application you can easily see the accumulated interest to the moment, to check the date of maturity and the days remaining to maturity.
  • You can easily manage your credit and debit cards - monitor all payments made by them, the available funds you have on your card accounts, which is the utilized credit limit on your credit cards, etc. You can repay the amounts due on your credit cards with just one click. In addition you have the ability to determine and change your limits for card transactions without need for visiting a bank office. The limits are valid and running immediately after the change and the service is totally free.
  • You can quickly locate branches and ATMs of Fibank through the map in the application - you can easily locate which are our closest branches and ATMs, see their working hours and contact details and use Maps to get quickly to them. For your convenience, we have uploaded latest pictures of our branches and offices.
  • Information on exchange rates - you can monitor in real time "purchase rate" and "selling rate" of Fibank for the currencies with which the Bank operates.
  • News - the latest news on products, promotions, publications in the blog of the bank and everything that is important to you.
  • Promotions - here first for the users of the application we shall publish updated information about new products and services or ongoing promotions. Follow us to stay informed before everyone else.
  • You can select Settings and your work with the application will be even more convenient and enjoyable. For more information - see your account in the application and the "Settings" menu.

We did not forget your security.

You have various options to choose limits of transactions and security settings such as duration of session, change the type of banking, etc.

From the application settings you can select:

  •  The Policy for signature of active operations:

          - all transactions with Token device;
          - transactions up to set limits for the application with a password for login and/or biometric data.

  •  The Policy for login:

         - with username and password for login and/or biometric data;
         - with username and Token device.

  • The duration of validity of the session in the application. It is not recommended unjustified long session.

Limit levels for transactions:

The limit levels are the maximum amounts up to which you can perform transactions through the mobile application. Upon registration for active banking done through the mobile application by confirmation with Token device, it is applied the lowest level - "Level A".

Limits of "Level А":

  • weekly - 1 000 currency units;
  • daily - 500 currency units;
  • per transaction - 100 currency units.

Change to a higher level is possible by submitting a "Request for change of registration in My Fibank". This can be done through My Fibank from menu "Settings" - "Mobile application My Fibank" or at a branch of Fibank.

Supported operating systems:

The application is available for iOS and Android, with mandatory minimum requirements for the version set by the developers (the Bank).
At present the minimum requirements are: Android OS v.4.4 and iOS 7.0

Users of the applications can be:

  • for transactions (active banking) - Bulgarian and foreign individuals over 18 years;
  • for information (passive banking) - Bulgarian and foreign individuals over 18 years and legal entities;
  • representatives of individuals and/or legal entities.

My Fibank mobile application is available for free download from the catalog with applications supported by the respective operating system (currently Google Play and AppStore).

Свали го от Google Play

In order to use My Fibank, you have to register as a user by choosing one of the following options:

1. On-line registration:

  • registration and confirmation entirely online at for individuals holding debit of credit cards issued by Fibank on their name;
  • on-line request with confirmation at office - you can make on-line request for registration at, then it is necessary to confirm it in the most convenient for you branch of Fibank. 

2. On the spot at Fibank branch

If you already have an existing username, you can access other registrations for which you authorized by signing a document at a bank office.
More information about the registration process can be found in the help menu at the website



Registering a mobile device in mobile application My Fibank:

To take advantage of the full capabilities of the mobile application, you need to register your mobile device.
At the first log-in in the application from the new mobile device a unique number for the device shall be generated.

You can register and deactivate your mobile devices in the following ways:

  • By using the mobile application Му Fibank through the menu "Authorization of devices" by using your Token device from Fibank;
  • Online through My Fibank from menu "Settings" - "Mobile application Му Fibank" through your QES (Qualified Electronic Signature) or Token device from Fibank; 
  • At Bank's branch.


Tariff of Fees and Commissions (TARIFF) of First Investment Bank

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