Mastercard and Visa Gold Credit Cards

Visa or Mastercard golden credit card from Fibank offer you:

  • higher credit limit;
  • higher coverage of free insurance when traveling abroad;
  • privileges and special offers.

NEW! For the first time in Bulgaria Mastercard and Visa golden credit cards by Fibank offer membership in Lounge Key program.

Lounge Key program

Your gold credit card from Fibank will open you the doors to over 600 special lounges at airports worldwide. No matter which airline company you are traveling with or what tickets you have purchased, you will be able to spend the time to your flight in a pleasant and stylish atmosphere of Lounge Key lounges.

You do not need a prior registration or reservation for a lounge. You just have to present your MasterCard or Visa gold credit card by Fibank to the employee at the lounge's reception. That is why you should always have your card with you when you are travelling.

You can choose in advance the Lounge Key lounge you prefer to visit at:

Prices and methods of payment:

As Fibank clients you will pay a preferential fee to visit the selected loun


Card  Fee for visit - cardholder Fee for visit for companion
 Method of payment
 28 EUR  28 EUR for each companion  by card, in cash
Mastercard 28 EUR   28 EUR for each companion  by card, in cash


Credit Card Parameters:

Credit Card Types

Visa Gold, Мastercard Gold

Account Currency


Interest conditions

In accordance with the Bulletin of Interest Rates


Payment at a retail outlet through POS 16%*  
 Cash withdrawal 18%*
Grace period without interest

Up to 45 days

Minimum repayment installment  3% of the credit limit used min. BGN 10.00

Without collateral**

Credit limit

It is determined by an individual creditworthiness assessment.
Minimum amount - BGN 10 000 or the equivalent amount in EUR or USD

Validity Term

5 years with a possibility of automatic renewal

Annual Maintenance Fee

BGN 100 or the equivalent amount in foreign currency***

Opportunity to issue an additional card yes

Term for card issuance

Up to 3 workdays for the city of Sofia and up to 5 workdays for the rest of the country, upon confirmation given by a Fibank credit officer via the telephone.

FiHealth Protect Insurance opportunity to conclude FiHealth Protect Insurance, which is free of charge for the first year and is offered by FiHealth Insurance specifically for Fibank customers holding credit cards
Travel Abroad Insurance by Generali Free of charge

* For new credit card contracts signed after 01 March 2015. Detailed information on interest rates conditions under credit card contracts concluded before this date can be found in the Fibank Interest Rate Bulletin
** At the discretion of the Bank, collateral may be required.
*** Detailed information can be found in the Fibank Tariff

And more information:

If you repay your entire obligation within the grace period, you will not be charged interest on the amounts paid or withdrawn in cash.
You have a variety of options for repaying your credit card obligations by:

  • Deposits in cash Fibank office;
  • Deposit in cash Fibank ATM;
  • My Fibank online banking;
  • your smart phone with My Fibank Mobile Application;
  • transfer from another bank on the account of your credit card in Fibank;
  • using the service Automatic repayment of obligations on the credit card of Fibank.

How to apply

You can apply for a credit card by Fibank in one of the following manners:

  • by submitting оnline request;
  • by My Fibank online banking;
  • by My Fibank Mobile Application;
  • by phone *bank (*2265);
  • on site at Fibank office.

After processing your credit card request, up to 3 business days for Sofia and up to 5 business days for the country, you will receive your card at the Fibank office, which you have selected in advance.

First Investment Bank issues MasterCard and VISA credit cards FREE OF CHARGE.

You can apply for issuance of a credit card in one of the following ways:

  • by visiting one of the Fibank branches and completing an application for issuance of a credit card. You shall be informed on the site about the approximate amount of the credit limit;
  • by calling to one of the following phones *bank (*2265) or 0 800 11 011 and declaring your desire for issuance of a credit card;

Upon the approval of your application for credit card, within 3 working days for the city of Sofia and up to 5 working days for the country, you shall receive your card at the Fibank branch chosen by you in advance.

Renewal of revolving credit cards:

  • renewal due to the expiry of the credit card’s term of validity:

The validity of the credit card* is 5 years and it is automatically renewed after the expiry of that period. You can receive your reissued credit card after the 20th day of the month in which it expires at the bank branch where you have filled the application for issuance.

* On the front side of your card, you can see the marked relief figures representing the validity term in the following format: VALID 04/20 THRU, where the first two digits indicate the month and the second two ones – the year. This means that in the sample the card is valid until the end of April 2020.

  • reissuing the card due to theft, loss, forgotten PIN code or other reason:

If your card is stolen, lost, you forget your PIN code or any other reason requires its reissuance, you should visit a bank branch and provide an identity document. Reissuance of the card shall be charged in accordance with the Fibank’s Tariff.

Tariff of Fees and Commissions (TARIFF) of First Investment Bank

Cashback Program

In the Cashback Program automatically participate all holders of revolving credit card by Fibank

Dear Customers,
We would like to inform you that as of 19.09.2015, the accumulated bonus points from the Cashback Program (including the points accrued to date) will be calculated as follows: 0.50 BGN for every 100 points accumulated cashback points.

Program Parameters:

  • when making payments by your credit card at a retail outlet in Bulgaria or abroad, you will receive one cashback point for 1 BGN spent;
  • for each 100 cashback points accumulated you can get 0.50 BGN back on your card account;
  • the points are accumulated on a 6-month period;
  • the minimum amount accumulated from purchases at retail outlets needed to get back the value of the cashback points is 2000 BGN for a 6-month period;
  • if at the end of each six-month period you have accumulated over 2,000 cashback points, your account shall be credited with an amount corresponding to the accumulated points. For example: for 3565 BGN spent you shall get 17.83 BGN on your card account;
  • cashback points do not transfer from one six-month period to another;
  • the 6-month period begins from the date of issue of the credit card;
  • in the event of blocking of the card for delayed payments you shall lose the cashback points accumulated by that moment and by the end of the remainder of the 6-month period you will have the opportunity to accumulate again the points;
  • you can receive information on the cashback points accumulated in your monthly statements or at the branches of the Bank;
  • customers with additional credit card shall accumulate their own cashback points and have to make their own turnover of 2,000 BGN, and the certified cashback points shall appear in the account of the main cardholder.


The service "Income to microaccount" from revolving credit card on portals like, and, and all similar transactions for transfer of funds, and all gambling sites are not processed as a purchase of goods or services at a retail outlet and accordingly shall not accumulate any bonus points in the CashBack Program.

Credit Cards