Maestro PayPass

The product is no longer available!

Dear clients,
In line with the current trends in card payments and in order to improve the quality of our services, we inform you that as as of January 1, 2018, Fibank ceased offering Maestro / Maestro PayPass debit cards. All cards that have already been issued will continue to operate until their expiration date and will be then renewed with Debit MasterCard PayPass with fees under Section VIII of the Bank's current Tariff.

For Maestro / Maestro PayPass cards renewed in January and February 2018, we provide a two-month period (until March 31, 2018, respectively April 30, 2018), during which the fees for the new Debit MasterCard PayPass will be identical to the fees applied up to present moment.

Maestro PayPass debit cards - Join the future!

Contactless cards of new generation offering speed and convenience

What is Maestro PayPass?

Maestro PayPass is a new generation bank card improved by innovative functionality for making contactless transactions.

With Maestro PayPass you have the chance to make contactless payments when:


  • You are in a hurry and you make small amount purchases;
  • You want to have the exact amount for payment without looking for coins or waiting for the change;
  • You want to control your every day payments that you normally make in cash in order to manage more easily accurately your personal finances.

How to pay using Maestro PayPass?

With your Maestro PayPass you continue making payments and withdraw money in the familiar way from all POS and АТМ terminals in Bulgaria and abroad. In addition, on each POS terminal labeled with PayPass logo, you have the chance to effect immediate payments of amounts up to minimal amount without inserting the card in the POS terminal.

When you wish to make payment using your Maestro PayPass on PayPass terminal, you only have to waive the card near the reading device until you hear the long beep signal. This means that your payment was effected successfully.

Each payment with your Maestro PayPass on PayPass terminal at amount below minimal amount shall be effected immediately without entering a PIN code. If you are registered for SMS notifications, you may not receive SMS for part of the transactions below minimal amount as it is possible such transactions to be effected without connecting to the bank authorization center.

Each payment with your Maestro PayPass on PayPass terminal at amount exceeding minimal amount shall be also effected contactless and much faster than before by entering a PIN code. If you are registered for SMS notifications, you shall receive SMS for all transactions exceeding minimal amount made on PayPass terminal.

How to feel safe with Maestro PayPass card?

In order to ensure safety and peace of mind when making payments with Maestro PayPass, we recommend the following:

  • Carefully put the card near the reading device;
  • When making a payment the Maestro PayPass card remains solely in your hands and it is not necessary to give your card to the shop assistant;
  • Check the amount stated on the receipt from the POS terminal.

Which establishments accept Maestro PayPass payments?

With Maestro PayPass you may effect payments at any location in Bulgaria and abroad on POS terminals equipped with this function. Usually these are cafes, fast food restaurants, gas stations and anywhere you spot the PayPass logo.

The conditions we offer:


Account currency BGN, EUR, USD, CHF, GBP
Maestro Debit Card Issuance Promotional fee BGN 1.00 instead BGN 3.00
Card Account Maintenance As per Fibank`s Tariff
Validity 3 years
Minimum blocked account balance Not required
Card Account Interest As per Interest Rates Bulletin of Fibank
Cash withdrawal from ATM: As per Fibank`s Tariff

ATM abroad

As per Fibank`s Tariff
Payment at POS terminal:

In Bulgaria

Free of charge


As per Fibank`s Tariff



Card types:

  • Primary - Issued to the individual person who is the holder of the account. An account holder can be an adult natural person of Bulgarian citizenship or a person having a document for residence in the country.
  • Supplementary - Issued to relatives or family members of the holder, to his/her account and at his/her order. The account holder sets all conditions for the supplementary cards and monitors the transactions carried out through them, as well as their account activity. All Bulgarian citizens or persons with Bulgarian residence over 14 years of age are entitled to become cardholders of a supplementary Maestro card.


You can apply for Maestro PayPass debit card in one of the following manners:

  • Visit a Fibank branch and fill in debit card issuance application. The only requirement is to present your identification document;
  • Call *bank (*2265), to make request for debit card issuance.

After your application is processed you will receive your Maestro PayPass debit card within 5 workdays at the bank branch you have chosen.

Renewal of Maestro PayPass debit card:

The term of validity of the card is 3 years.

On the face of your card, you can see an embossed numerical indication showing its term of validity, using the following format: VALID 04/20      THRU

The first two digits indicate the month, and third and fourth digit indicate the year. Thus in the above example the card is valid until the end of April 2020.

After its term of validity has expired, it can be automatically renewed and available by the 20th day of the month of expiry of the old card at the bank branch where the Issuance Application was submitted.

If your card gets stolen or lost, if you forget your PIN or if any other reason necessitates the card reissuance, you will have to visit a Fibank branch and present an identity document. Fibank`s official will offer cooperation in resolving any matter on which you might need any assistance.


Terms and Conditions (Tariff) of First Investment Bank

YES Program


By holding  Mastercard YES, Mastercard PayPass credit cards or Debit Mastercard, Maestro PayPass debit cards, you automatically participate in YES loyalty program


The program includes a wide partner network of merchants across the country.

Each time you pay with your card at the merchants participating in the program, you automatically collect bonus points. You can redeem the accumulated bonus points at the next payment you make at any of the merchants from the partner network.

Learn more about YES Program at

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