Loan to farmers against pledge of receivables under schemes and measures of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

A loan for working capital or for investment purposes, from which legal entities, sole traders, cooperatives and natural persons registered as farmers can benefit

Loan to farmers against pledge of receivables under schemes and measures of the CAP offers:

  • repayment of the loan with each amount received from the subsidy;
  • the repaid portion of the loan obligation can be reused for the next support period *;
  • a term of up to five years after a positive decision by the bank for each support period;
  • no commitment fee.

Loan parameters:

Аmount: Prior to obtaining from SFA 9State Fund Agriculture) a certificate (UIN) for the business year concerned - up to 100% of the expected amount of the support under the general application for support for a previous business year. The loan is utilized in tranches up to the amount of the payments received from the previous campaign after receiving the UIN for the respective business year; the amount of the loan may be increased to 100% of the expected subsidies and the indicative rates for each scheme and each measure.
Currency: BGN
Purpose:  for working capital and for investment purposes
Intended use:

For working capital and investment purposes


Up to 5 years

With each subsidy amount received, the corresponding part of the loan is extinguished and the borrower is entitled to reuse the repaid amount for the next support period following a positive decision of the bank.

Interest rate: The annual interest rate is 3.99%, based on the SBI * + surcharge
* SBI - Interest rate based on savings.
  • Registered pledge in favour of the bank of present and future receivables from the SFA for all schemes and measures of the Common Agricultural Policy. Upon receipt of the URN and UIN for each business year, an individualisation of the enlisted pledge shall be made;
  • Registered pledge of the receivables on all borrower's accounts with First Investment Bank AD or conclusion of a financial collateral agreement with the provision of a pledge on the current accounts;
  • Guarantee by the owners of the company or their inclusion as co-debtors under the loan agreement.
Мethod of repayment:
With each subsidy amount received

Upon a positive decision of the bank, the borrower shall be entitled to reuse the corresponding repaid part of the loan for the next support period as from the date of receipt of the subsidy payment for the respective period but no later than 30th of June of the year following the expiration of the period.

* Support period is the period between the submission of the application for support and the 30th of June of the next calendar year.

І. Application Procedure

In order Fibank to grant you a loan, the loan specialists of the Bank shall prepare an individual offer, tailored to the specific needs, the loan history and the principle of operation of your company.

It will be our pleasure to help you find the optimal solution for your business needs.

To place a loan request, you may choose to contact the loan specialists of the Bank in one of the following ways:

  • For Sofia: phone.: (+359 2) 800 2915; (+359 2) 942 6601; (+359 2) 800 2876; (+359 2) 800 2027;
  • For the country: ask for the loan specialists at the Bank branches in the country;
  • Make an e-mail request at:

ІІ. Necessary documents:

  • Loan application (using the template, provided by Fibank);
  • Related party declaration and legal entity beneficial owner declaration (using the template, provided by Fibank);
  • Declaration of marital and property status (using the template, provided by Fibank);
  • Financial statements;
  • Certificate issued by SFA for the size of the areas, declared in the general application, eligible for financial support;
  • Copy of the Borrower’s registration as an agricultural producer;
  • Certificate issued by the Revenue authority denying or confirming the existence of obligations (under Article 87, paragraph 6 of the Tax and Social Insurance Procedure Code);
  • Bank statement of current accounts;
  • Certificate denying/confirming the existence of enforcement proceedings;
  • Certificate denying/confirming the existence of insolvency proceedings;
  • Other documents that may be requested at the discretion of the Bank.

Tariff of Fees and Commissions (TARIFF) of First Investment Bank

Contact a loan officer with First Investment Bank.

He/she will provide you with initial information and a “Loan Application Form”.

Fill in the loan application form providing detailed and correct information.

If you need more space you can provide additional data in appendixes to the loan application form. This will help the loan officer to take the right decision in a timely manner. The shortage of information and incorrect data may delay the process and even serve as grounds for loan rejection. If you need any assistance to fill in the loan application form please contact the relevant loan officer.

Share your plans and problems with your loan officer.

This will contribute to the right planning and structuring of the loan transaction. Also you will receive a competent advice from our professionals

Ask questions.

From the very beginning you should be aware of your rights, obligations and responsibilities for the whole period of the loan. There should be no condition that is not completely clear to you.

Check if the collateral presented by you under the loan transaction is free of any encumbrances.

Otherwise you may incur expenses related to the loan agreement execution without being in position to utilize the loan amount. The Bank will grant the loan only if first mortgage is entered in its favour.

Do not hesitate to share or provide negative information.

This will show that you are aware of the existing problems. If the loan officer finds such information during the course of examination it will not be in your favour.

After the loan utilization stay in touch with your loan officer till the full repayment of the loan.

The loan repayment on regular basis as well as presentation of information regarding your business development on the same basis will make you good and desirable partner of First Investment Bank AD.

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