Investment Loan

First Investment Bank provides financing for the acquisition of fixed assets, including:

  • The purchase of enterprises or of detached parts thereof;
  • The purchase of stocks and shares;
  • New construction, reconstruction and expansion;
  • Project financing.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Amount - The maximum amount of the loan depends on the needs demonstrated by the client, their sources of redemption, and the amount of the collateral;
  • Term – The repayment term of an investment loan may be extended to more than 3 years;
  • Interest Rates – the interest rates are negotiated depending on the risk of the specific deal and the conditions on the loan market. According to the type of currency, floating interest rates are determined on the grounds of the Base Interest Rate of the Bank for BGN, EUR, USD, etc. loans plus points ;
  • Collateral – Fibank AD accepts all collaterals admissible by Law following the order envisaged in legislation, under which the fair value of the collateral is determined by independent experts. Insurance of the collateral is required which should be in favour of the Bank and should cover all inherent risks.

Tariff of Fees and Commissions (TARIFF) of First Investment Bank

Corporate Financing