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Investment diamonds

Fibank signed a contract with IDB (Intermarket Diamond Business), a leading international company for transactions with investment diamonds, founded in 1976 in Milan, Italy. Thus the Bank offers to its present and future customers a unique opportunity for Bulgaria for purchase of investment diamonds. The provider company takes full responsibility for their quality which is guaranteed by a certificate. Fibank shall not maintain a stock of jewels, and they shall be imported to Bulgaria only after clarifying a number of specific parameters with each individual customer. Our aim is to assist you in finding the diamond that most accurately and completely shall meet your investment plans and expectations.

Investment diamonds are packaged in a special vacuum packaging which includes a certificate from a leading laboratory HRD, IGI, GIA. There is a possibility for buy back option in case of interest from customer at 80% of the diamond’s current market price.

Quotations: Fibank quarterly publishes the quotation of IDB diamonds here and on newspaper Capital pages. For more information about investment diamonds go to

Current quotations
Quotation on the day - 1st December 2015

Quotation information for individual stones in EURO, including costs and VAT
Colour Clarity Carat 0.5 Carat 0.75 Carat 1 Carat 1.5
River D IF 11.285 20.087 47.289 84.683
River E IF 9.340 16.068 35.210 58.935
Top Wesselton F IF 8.682 15.186 28.599 53.567
Top Wesselton G IF 8.209 14.585 27.111 45.014
Wesselton H IF 7.051 12.314 21.435 37.210
Top Crystal I IF 5.767 10.716 19.209 33.386



  • The cut, symmetry and proportions: Excellent, Very Good or Good.
  • IDB diamonds are fitted with certificate of the most important international institutions (H.R.D., G.I.A., I.G.I., G.E.C.I.) and an insurance policy in case of theft or fire, that define the fundamental characteristics and value of the diamond.
  • "Ethnicity" of the diamonds. Each diamond come with data of its origin with the UN Charter which states that it does not come from war zones or areas that are involved in international terrorism.
  • Respect the "Best Diamond Trade Practice" that fights against exploitation of children as a workforce.


To facilitate your choice, the bank offers individual consultation to determine your investment goals and interests and most accurate selection of an investment diamond.

For more information and appointment arrangements please contact us by phones:

Gold and Numismatics: (02) 800 2711

EGO Club: (02) 942 6650

Guarantee for diamond’s price

The guarantee of quality and price of investment diamonds is given by their certificate. In the expert evaluation and certification of diamonds are taken into account 4 main parameters - cut, weight, clarity and color. Additionally, the certificates may indicate information on the size, fluorescence, and other technical characteristics of the diamond.

The quality of cut is determined by the proportions, angles, polishing and symmetry of the stone. The compliance with specific parameters for its processing ensures the diamond’s quick liquidity. In the table below are summarizes the main technical characteristics of an investment diamond that motivate the consumer choice.

Shape and cut: round diamond
0.75 carats and more

58.7% to 62.5%
Table’s diameter:
- Premium cut: 61% to 63%
- Ideal cut: 55% to 60%
Thickness of belt:
thin to thick
Size of culet:
small to medium


good to excellent
good to excellent
FL/IF, V V S1, V VS2, VS1, VS2
D, E, F, G, H
Crown’s angles:
31% to 34.5%

Less than 3% of all diamonds in the world are cut with similar parameters. This fact is evidence of the extremely high value of the investment diamonds and their advantage over the other investment products.

Diamonds as an investment

Diamonds are the most concentrated form of wealth storage. Demand for investment diamonds – round shaped diamonds with weight above 0.75 carats, colour D - H, clarity FL - VS 2 – entered into a boom period from 1970s when the big sales outside the Unites States started.

Diamond is a long-term investment – it is not affected by the fashion trends and their effect on the customers taste. Compared to the insecure stock investments, the diamond not only keeps but often also increases its price in long-term prospective.

Diamond is a universal investment – it stabilizes different investment portfolios against political risks and inflation and could be sold without loss in almost any part of the world in any currency. Unlike the other investment products (such as gold for example) diamonds are not part of the currency reserve of any country. Therefore, no government in the world shall impose pressure on the prices or shall put under control the free market of diamonds.

Diamond is a traditional long-term investment – its value is well known worldwide, it keeps its technical characteristics in time, it is easily portable, it can be handed over as family values from generation to generation.

Diamond is a high-liquidity good – the demand for investment diamonds considerably exceeds their supply, so in crisis situations they can be quickly sold or exchanged for money, goods or services. Each diamond above 0.75 carats has a certificate that increases its liquidity.

Diamond is a beautiful and valuable gift - its aesthetic value is very high. The investment diamonds can be mounted in jewelry and can be worn without losing their value. Gifts as an investment diamond or jewelry with diamonds are given on some of the most important occasions in human life: birth of a child, engagement and wedding. Such gifts are carefully kept and handed over from generation to generation for centuries.


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