Free deposit +

Deposit for business clients wishing to receive higher return on their free funds

Free Deposit + is a flexible term deposit that you can open to your company current account at Fibank. This deposit offers you the convenience of transferring your free funds from your current account to your deposit account and receiving a higher interest rate. If needed, you can transfer funds back from the deposit account to the company's current account, without losing interest accrued so far *.

Free Deposit + offers:

  • opening the deposit to a new or already opened current account with Fibank in the same currency;
  • unlimited number of transfers between the current and deposit account;
  • attractive interest rate;
  • opening and monthly servicing of the deposit account free of charge.

Characteristics of deposit:

  • currency - BGN and EUR;
  • annual interest rate: 0.25%;
  • without a minimum amount for opening the deposit.

Additional information:

  • Fees and commissions - free of charge for opening and monthly service;
  • The interest rate is credited to the account balance at the end of each day and is paid on maturity of the deposit or on the date of its termination on the current account.
  • Funds can be transferred to the current account at any time.
  • The deposit is terminated upon closure of the current account on which the interest is paid or upon request of the client.
  • The funds from the deposit account can be transferred only to the current account linked thereto.
  • The BDIF (Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund) guarantees the full payment of the sums of one person in one bank, irrespective of their number and amount, up to BGN 196 000, including the accrued interest until the date of issuance of an act pursuant to Article 20, paragraph 1 of the BDIA (Bank Deposit Insurance Act). The deposit funds are guaranteed by the BDIF, established and operating in the Republic of Bulgaria, according to the procedure, to the amount and under the conditions provided by the BDIA.

You can open Free Deposit+

  • at each branch of Fibank;
  • by using My Fibank online banking (for registered users).
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