Financial Statements


Annual Report 2018

In 2018, First Investment Bank celebrated the 25th anniversary of its establishment. Over this period, it reasserted itself as the largest Bulgarian-owned bank in the country and with a standing as an innovative and dynamic institution with its own image and trademark for high quality of service.


Annual Report 2017

Our achievements in 2017 in all business areas: financial results, product development, technological solutions, risk management in line with European and local regulations, social and corporate responsibility and, above all, high customer satisfaction, are positive indicators of the sustainability of the business model of First Investment Bank AD, and of the professionalism and efforts of its team of over 3,000 employees.


Annual Report 2016

In 2016, we directed our efforts at further developing and improving the internal bank structures and systems, the service models and product positioning, and at creating prerequisities for future sustainable growth.


Annual Report 2015

In 2015 First Investment Bank (Fibank) continued its sustainable development, reporting stable performance and strengthening its position among the leading banks in the Bulgarian market. We were able to streamline many aspects of our activity, create new products and perspectives, while keeping a focus on customer satisfaction. Thanks to our well-structured business model and highly professional approach, we successfully overcame the challenges of the environment and achieved the planned objectives.


Annual Report 2014

Our relentless pursuit of perfection in products and services, of providing superior customer service, of contributing to the success of our clients and realization of their plans, builds relations of partnership, trust and loyalty.

The support and satisfaction of our customers is the driving force which fills us with confidence and makes us aspire to new heights.


Annual Report 2013

There are many reasons to be proud of our bank.
• Having started with fewer than 30 employees, today Fibank has staff of over 3500;
• With assets exceeding BGN 8.5 billion, Fibank is the third largest in Bulgaria;
• The Bank preferred by the population: second in terms of savings;
• Supporting good projects: fourth in terms of lending;
• Among the leaders in information technology, cards and international payments;
• Innovative, dynamic, having its own image and a brand for superior quality of service to every one of its over 1 million clients.
This is First Investment Bank today...


Half Year Report 2013

In the first half of 2013 First Investment Bank AD (Fibank) reported an increase in profit of 57.7%, to BGN 24 million after taxes on a consolidated basis (30.06.2012: BGN 15 million), which brought Fibank to fourth position among banks in Bulgaria by this indicator. This good financial result, achieved under the conditions of a challenging external environment, was largely due to the net increase in fee and commission income, by 35.8% to BGN 46 million (30.06.2012: BGN 33.9 million)...


Annual Report 2012

In today’s changing world customers need stability and foresight, constructive decisions and clear perspectives. They know they can count on us...


Half Year Report 2012

During the first half of 2012 First Investment Bank AD (Fibank) successfully followed its planned business goals, registering growth and good financial results...


Annual Report 2011

During 2011, the banking system in Bulgaria preserved its stability despite the volatile economic environment in the region and in the international markets. This is shown not only by Bulgaria’s financial indicators, but also the positive projections of the World and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development...


Half Year Report 2011

During the first six months of 2011 the banks in Bulgaria retained their stability and trust despite ongoing uncertainty in the international markets and financial turbulence in the region...


Annual Report 2010

In 2010, despite the first signs of recovery, the crisis continued to be a dominant factor in the economic life of the country. It affected the behavior of all sectors – public, private, as well as households...


Half Year Report 2010

The results of First Investment Bank /the Bank, FIBank/ for the first half of 2010 proved again that our client-oriented business model combined with a good capital base and proactive risk management could generate good financial results even under unfavorable external conditions...


Annual Report 2009

First Investment Bank retained its position among the leading banks in Bulgaria – sixth place in terms of assets and a positive financial result for 2009 (BGN 29.8 million after tax). It improved its market position to seventh place and its market share from 3.7% to 4.1%...


Half Year Report 2009

During the first six months of 2009 FIBank continued to develop the range and quality of its services and undertook initiatives to meet to the changing needs and growing expectations of its customers...


Annual Report 2008

During 2008, FIBank reported good financial results – sixth place in terms of assets (BGN 4,271 million), net profit of BGN 49 million (2007: BGN 51 million). The card business, corporate banking, international payments and serving customers continue to be the focus of our activity...


Half Year Report 2008

During the first half of 2008 First Investment Bank continued to implement its strategic mission to be one of the finest banks in Bulgaria and in the region, recognised as an innovative and customer-oriented bank that delivers outstanding products and services...


Annual Report 2007

To us 2007 was a year of pivotal projects and major challenges related to the integration of the Bulgarian banking sector into the common European financial market and to the strengthening of First Investment Bank’s leading position among Bulgaria’s credit institutions...


Half Year Report 2007

In the first half of 2007 First Investment Bank continued its successful development, stabilising and expanding its role in the Bulgarian and Balkan banking markets...


Annual Report 2006

2006 was a successful year for FIBank. An increase in the Bank’s assets by 24.8% to BGN 3.1 billion; BGN 29 million in profit; a large sales network – 107 branches, distributors, the Virtual Banking Branch (e-banking), the Call Centre (telephone banking); an increase in deposits (BGN 1.7 billion in deposits from customers; bonds – BGN 0.5 billion), and a credit portfolio of BGN 1.7 billion are amongst the primary indicators of its increasing scope and capacity...


Half Year Report 2006

2005 was a successful year for First Investment Bank AD (FIBank). Happily the trend has continued into the first half of 2006. The major achievement has been a more than 19% increase in profit year-on-year whilst working within the credit expansion guidelines of the Bulgarian National Bank, up from BGN 10.079 million to BGN 12.033 million...

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