FiHealth Protect Insurance

Additional financial protection for you and your relatives

What is FiHealth Protect?
FiHealth Protect is an insurance for accidents that protects you in case of unforeseen events and provides additional financial protection.
FiHealth Protect Insurance is offered by FiHealth Insurance specifically for Fibank customers holding credit cards and is free of charge for the first year. For the months following the free period, the premium is at a preferential price and will be automatically collected from your bank card.
FiHealth Protect Insurance offers:

  • Covering your obligations to First Investment Bank in case of:

           - loss of life as a result of an accident
           - permanently reduced working capacity above 70% as a result of an accident

  • Day money for hospital stay as a result of an accident
  • Facilitated procedure for concluding contract and and filing claims
  • One year period with possibility for automatic renewal

What compensation will I receive?

In the event of the occurrence of an insured event, the Insurer shall pay:

  • In case of loss of life due to accident - BGN 5000.

The funds shall be paid by the Insurer under the following mechanism:
In the case of a drawn up and outstanding credit limit on the credit card, the Insurer shall pay to the Bank that part of the amount due to the Bank and the remaining amount up to BGN 5,000 (if any) shall be paid to the legal representatives of the client.

  • In case of permanently reduced working capacity (above 70%) as a result of an accident, the Insurer shall pay the same compensation as in case of loss of life.
  • In case of hospitalization due to an accident:

The Insurer shall pay the client a compensation of BGN 50 for each day of stay for a maximum period of up to 30 days. The funds shall be paid to the client's account.

Why is good to conclude FiHealth Protect Insurance?
FiHealth Protect offers:

  • financial assistance in case of an insurance event occurring as a result of an accident;
  • additional protection for you and your relatives - in case of an unforeseen event, the Insurer will pay the bank the amounts you owe to the bank up to the amount of the premium;
  • Very affordable price - only BGN 2.50 per month after the first year;
  • quick and easy process of issuing an insurance certificate that does not require a health assessment or additional documentation to be submitted by customers;
  • quick and easy process by the Insurer in the processing of insurance claims;
  • easy and convenient monthly insurance premium payment - deducted automatically by your credit card each month on the 10th day.

How do you conclude FiHealth Protect Insurance?
The insurance can be concluded in any office of First Investment Bank and is offered only to the cardholders of the Bank. The procedure is extremely easy and does not require any additional documents.

  • General Terms and Conditions for Fihealth Protect Insurance

What is the amount of the insurance premium?

The insurance premium is automatically paid on monthly basis from your credit card, which is easy for you because it does not bind you with any additional action.
For the first year, the premium will be at the expense of Fibank, which means that during that year your insurance will be active without paying for it. After the first year, you will decide whether to continue or not, in case of a refusal, you must notify us in writing. The amount you will pay after the free period is only BGN 2.50 per month.
What should I do when an event occurs?
FiHealth Insurance offers a quick and easy procedure for handling your claim. All you have to do when an event is occurring is to contact the Fibank Customer Service Officer or to contact directly FiHealth Insurance at telephone 02/445 6664 or e-mail: You will be informed what documents are needed so that we can handle your claim.



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