Fibank Gold&Silver E-Shop

The Fibank Gold&Silver E-Shop was created as a result of the increased interest in modern distribution channels by the audience of young customers in order to ensure the distribution of our precious metal products across locations with no Fibank offices.

The shop will offer functionalities specific for such websites and the majority of coins, medals, bars and medallion bars of the Fibank range. A special place will be reserved for the new products offered by the bank, tips to customers and updates on precious metals and related investment. Once the customer likes a given item, they can order it directly. Upon sufficient amount on hand and willingness to buy, the customer should register using the registration form available on the website which includes the necessary invoice related information suitable for further reference in case of future purchases.

Customers will pay for their purchases with debit or credit cards. When making the order, the given customer will book the desired amount of the chosen item. The compiled valuable consignments for each customer will be forwarded to a courier company for delivery to the address specified in the order.

The products of PAMP Suisse precious metal refinery, the New Zealand Mint, and all investment bars and coins will come in branded luxury packaging. Bulgarian National Bank coins come packaged in transparent capsules. All products will be accompanied by certificates of authenticity.

Gold and Bullion Coins