Quick contactless payments with Fibank’s digital debit and credit Mastercard

Be a modern payer with the new Fibank digital card

What is a digital card?

The digital card is a new type of bank card with which you can make payments through your mobile phone, without having to physically use the well known plastics. Paying with a digital card is fast - all you've got to do is bring your phone closer to a POS terminal accepting contactless payments.
The digital is issued as an additional card to the account you've already registered with your Fibank debit or credit card. Each of your Fibank cards can be supplemented with a new digital card. The payment limits on digital cards are standard - they are no different from the other bank cards and you can change them at your convenience in any branch of the Bank.
Digital cards can only be used by non-corporate individual persons.

How to order your digital card?

Easy and simple: directly from your mobile phone through Fibank's mobile application.
In order to get a digital card you have to:

  • Be a Fibank customer with active banking in our mobile application and the registered mobile device;
  • Have a registered debit or credit card at our bank;
  • Have a mobile phone which:

          - supports NFC;
          - runs a licensed Android operational system not earlier than version 4.4;
          - can be found in the list of Mastercard approved and certified devices supporting the HCE* еlement
* Host card emulation
The order for a digital card map can be sent from your mobile phone via the bank's mobile application after a few easy steps.

How do digital cards work?

After your request for a card is approved, you must activate it through the mobile application. You can now do contactless payments with the NFC.

1. Before paying start Fibank's mobile application;
2. Inform the shop's counter operator that you wish to pay with a contactless card;
3. Press the red "Payment" button and bring the phone close to the contactless POS terminal;
4. Wait for the screen of your phone to show "Successful transaction via a POS terminal";
5. Remove the phone from the POS terminal.

If the amount of your purchase falls within the limits set by the international card organization of the country you are in you will not have to enter your PIN code. For payments exceeding these limits entering you PIN code is obligatory.

Where can you pay?

With your Fibank digital debit or credit Mastercard you can pay anywhere in Bulgaria and in the world at any POS terminal accepting digital contactless payments.



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