Currency exchange rates for card transactions

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Information on currency conversion

Each time you pay with your card in a currency other than the currency of your bank account, the bank shall exchange the currency or make the so-called "conversion". For the conversion shall be applied the exchange rate for Fibank card transactions at the time the transaction is processed.

When the transaction is made abroad, the conversion of the amount shall be made at the announced exchange rate of Visa or MasterCard card organizations for the respective day, the so-called settlement. The settlement between Visa/MasterCard and Fibank is made in EUR. (For information of Mastercard cardholders: MasterCard and Fibank settlement was done in USD until 18 October 2018).

Once the settlement is completed, Fibank recalculates the amount so received in the currency of the bank account by applying the exchange rate for Fibank's card transactions at the time of processing. This is the actual amount your bank account is debited for the specific transaction.


You have made payment in MKD using Visa/Mastercard. The conversion of the amount will be as follows:

Currency of your account BGN
Transaction amount MKD 240.00
Financial notification by Visa/Mastercard (settlement) EUR 3.90
Fibank conversion EUR 3.90 according to selling exchange rate for EUR (1.9575 BGN for the data of processing) or BGN 7.63
Debiting your account BGN 7.63




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