Consumer Loan

Unlock Your Opportunities

The Consumer Loan is a quick, easy, and accessible way to acquire the funds you need for:

  • Housing Equipment Purchase;
  • Housing or Car Repairs;
  • Housing Appliance Purchase;
  • Payment of Education Fees;
  • Holiday Trips;
  • Medical Treatment;
  • Current Household Debts;
  • Family Events;
  • Or because you need money for unexpected payments.

The Consumer Loan from Fibank offers:

  • High loan amount - up to BGN 80 000 or their EUR equivalent;
  • Repayment term - up to 10 years;
  • No warrantor;
  • Repayment in equal monthly instalment;
  • Without loan prepayment fee;

Loan Parameters:

Amount  Up to 80 000 BGN or their EUR equivalent
Repayment Term
Up to 10 years
 not required
Interest Conditions
  • The annual interest rate of the loan when the declared income is paid on an account with Fibank AD
Annual interest rate
for the total period of the loan term
minimum of 5.20%, based on SBIR* + margin

The annual interest rate is determined by the client solvency and credit history and is determent by SBIR - Savings Based Interest Rate plus points.

*SBIR - Savings Based Interest Rate, please refer to the Interest Bulletin of Fibank AD

APRC (Annual Percentage Rate of Charge)
6.82% calculated for a loan of BGN 15,000 for a term of 84 months at 5.20% annual interest rate.
The monthly installment for the above parameters of the fully utilized loan (100% drawdown) is BGN 213.42. The total repayment amount for the loan is BGN 18 771.11.
APRC includes the fee.

The loan is granted as a lump-sum

Application fee via online


Grant fee

Free of charge

Prepayment Fee Free of charge


You can apply for a Consumer Loan from Fibank AD in case you are:

  • А legally capable natural person with Bulgarian citizenship;
  • Work under a labour contract, or one of equal nature, for an indefinite term, or under a management and control contract; or practice a liberal profession;

If you meet the above requirements and would like to apply for a Consumer Loan, you have to:

  1. Visit a Fibank branch which is convenient for you to complete a “Loan Application Form” and attach the documents indicated in the form and those additionally requested by the loan inspector;
  2. Pay the Application Fee when submitting your application and the attached documents;
  3. If your application is approved, a Loan Contract is signed and the loan amount is transferred as a lump-sum within the term specified in the Loan Contract.

If you would like to apply for a Consumer Loan from Fibank AD you have to provide the following documents:

  1. A "Loan Application Form";
  2. A copy of the identity card of the loan applicant / warrantor;
  3. A certificate for net income during the last six months of the loan applicant /the warrantor (it is not required in case that the borrower receives salary on an account with the bank);
  4. Documental proof of the property status (advisable);
  5. Copies of loan contracts, overdrafts, leasing contracts, warrants, etc. concluded by the loan applicant / warrantor, as well as the actual status of the debt as of the moment.
  6. Other documents at the Bank’s discretion.

Tariff of Fees and Commissions (TARIFF) of First Investment Bank