Additional identification with CHIP card

Dear Customers,

For Fibank, your convenience always comes first. We continually strive to implement modern technologies and advanced solutions in our operations. In this connection, with the latest innovations made, additional chip card identification of our customers will no longer be necessary when using the services of the bank.

Fibank’s team

You would like to have extra peace and security while executing transactions at bank’s branch – then take advantage of the service „Additional identification with CHIP card”, without paying additional fees!

"Additional identification with CHIP card " is a new bank service for individual customers of Fibank based on the various possibilities of the CHIP technology and allowing additional confirmation of the transactions performed at bank’s hall through your Fibank debit or credit card.

This you make additional confirmation by entering the PIN code of your card each time you perform bank transactions at Fibank’s branch such as:

  • check the balance on the account;
  • withdrawal of cash;
  • order of transfer from your account.

Why you should register for the service?

With this innovative service you receive:

  • additional level of protection -  double check by presenting an identity document and entering the PIN code of your bank card which prevents any possible attempts for fraud and abuse in the event that your data happen to fall into unfriendly hands;
  • modern banking that meet modern requirements for security and reliability;
  • internationally recognized bank practice;
  • opportunity to use future new services based on the CHIP technology.

How to use the service?

  1. You should hold a Fibank’s debit or credit card;
    In the case you do not have a bank card by Fibank and you would like to register to use the service, we can offer you issuance of a debit card without fee for opening of a bank account and without fee for keeping of the account for period of 24 months!
  2. You make a single registration at Fibank’s branch. Upon the registration you should specify the card/cards by which you shall identify yourself. Then, each time you would like to withdraw funds or to order a bank transfer at Fibank’s branch, besides your personal identity card you shall also present your already registered Fibank’s debit or credit card.
  3. Identification at the bank’s hall – as a registered user of the service, before performing the desired bank transaction, you should insert your bank card in the reading device at the bank employee serving you and you should insert the PIN code of your card. After the system confirms that the PIN code is correct, you may proceed with carrying out the desired transactions.

The service „Additional identification with chip card” is absolutely free of charge and you may apply for it at any Fibank’s branch.

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